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Our Impact

An Apparel Brand Designed to Give

Like many people at the beginning of the pandemic, India Street Apparel creators Hank & Tim found themselves unemployed. Not only unable to generate income, but also unable to give to causes that needed help. So, they founded India Street Apparel to allow them to do both.

A percentage of every single sale on our site will go directly to: 

COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for WHO

Black Lives Matter

The Trevor Project 


As a small business we have to start small. We will begin with a donation amount of 5% of every order going directly to these non-profits with the plan to scale up the donation percentage based on volume of sales. Register for our newsletter below to find out what charities we'll be donating to in the future and to stay in-the-know about donation increases.  

Don't want a shirt, but still want to do some good? Organizations are doing good work to battle this thing. Below you'll find some other organizations that could use your help!

We're all in this together. 

NYC Food Bank 

Donate to Doctors Without Borders