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About Us

A T-shirt Company is Born and Bred in Brooklyn

Year: 2007

Place: Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY, US of A!

Plot: Would-be masters of their own destiny, and complete strangers Hank and Tim, arrive in Greenpoint, meet on Craigslist, and begin their journey as roommates, pals, and comedic life consumers. A friendship evolves over years and over beers at VanGogh's (now closed), skeeball at Lost&Found (now closed), and while awkwardly hiding out on the loading docks of cool-kid bars where hipsters flood the dance floors. 

From those halcyon days through to these strange times, Greenpoint is where they bring a little Brooklyn dynamic to the world through India Street Apparel.

“Spread love, it’s the Brooklyn way.”


Our shirts will not only spread the love, they’ll also accomplish another time honored Brooklyn tradition: spreading your unabashed opinion to all whom you pass.

How Our Snarky T-shirts Support Non-Profits & Charities

A portion of every sale on India Street Apparel will go to benefit some great Charities. Check our Resources Page for direct donation links to non-profits out here fighting the good fight.

So whether you’re sporting our duds while you wait on the G-train in Greenpoint, riding the L in Chicago, heading Uptown in Minneapolis, or serving hometown lattes to your locals…you can feel good knowing that your extroverted cynicism is supporting your introverted bleeding heart with a little twist of Brooklyn vibe.

We hope you’ll enjoy our high-quality gear that makes a statement, sourced by an ethical company in the best little neighborhood in NYC. Come by and visit anytime!